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Company Establishment

A Forex Broker first needs to open a company. The trading broker must decide on number of aspects. The Broker must decide to use an onshore or offshore model, country in which they should open the company, where should the company be licensed. Broker solution offers solution on every steps.

Analyst Room

With our advance solution, brokers can allow traders to easily open and manage their online accounts in a secure environment and make deposit, create reports, and access IB functionality.
The trader’s room is full of web solution and works seamlessly with all other components. It is designed to fit the look of your
website and brand.

Interacting & Cashflow

If you are looking for quote on your platform and the ability to execute the trade on the market. We can help you to find the right liquidity provider. You let us know your requirements and we will help you with the right solution. We provide you advanced order-routing algorithms which can be used for risk management and aggregation of your liquidity.

FX Client Management

We integrate our system with advanced features so that you can keep track of all traders and business directly in CMS interface with our in-house developed Forex CRM. The CRM includes all relevant operations from clients account opening procedure to financial management and trade reports.


Meta Trader 5 provides traders with an easy-to-use and sophisticated trading tool. Traders may perform any trading strategy on any financial market due to the versatile trading system's Market Depth and assistance for all types of orders. For Forex trading, the MT5 platform includes a netting system for trading exchange items and a hedging option.