Deposit and Withdraw

Forex Trading Deposits and Withdrawals

Add, transfer or withdraw funds easily using the payment mode that is comfortable to you.

We aim to provide the best trading conditions for the clients. Our client interest is our top priority. Experience the fast and best service, as we mentioned below, by transferring the funds using the payment methods most convenient to you.

Control your Account Funds

  • You can deposit or withdraw on your own terms, which is very important in trading. At Fido Markets, we think it’s critical to be able to direct the funds productively.
  • So we offer a wide range of safe, fastest, and easy-to-use withdrawal and deposit modes.
  • Fido Markets makes it easy to move your funds from place to place.
Payment Options Minimum Deposit Deposit Process Time Minimum Withdrawal Withdrawal Process Time
$200 2-5 Business Days $200 24 Hours
$100 1-2 Business Days - 24 Hours
$50 One Business Hour $50 24 Hours
$50 One Business Hour $50 24 Hours
$50 One Business Hour $50 24 Hours

Note: All the deposit & withdrawal modes are global. Clients are expected to follow their local regulations and compliances.