Segregated Account

What is a segregated account?

A segregated account is an investor's personal account within a company that is kept separate from the company's funds. An investor can benefit from a few key features of this type of account. First and foremost, the separate account provides the investor with protection in the event that the brokerage goes bankrupt.

Since the money is in a separate account, the investor has complete control over it and can withdraw it at any moment. Both the brokerage and the investor are aware of where their money is and whether it is being used appropriately. Many jurisdictions demand that brokerages keep a segregated account.

forex segregated account

The purpose of segregated account in Forex

Investing in the forex market, is like any other sort of investment, it has risk elements.

As a result, in order to retain a level of security with their fund, an investor must take the required steps. One method they might accomplish this is by selecting a forex broker that provides separate accounts.

These accounts provide peace of mind by allowing you to know where your money is, and it can't be used for illegal purposes.